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Bladesmithing Classes

Come to the shop just outside of Oak Harbor and make your own blade or damascus billet! Spend a day and learn how to grind, forge, and treat good blades from Michael Miller himself AND go home with your very own knife or Damascus billet. Class price is $250.

Class 1: Stock Removal and Machine Familiarization

Stock Removal Class

Choose a blade pattern and make it! Work with high carbon 5160 steel. Learn hands-on how to cut, grind, heat treat and add a handle from available materials. Go home with a new favorite knife!

Class 2: Forging


Heat and beat. Spend a day Forging your own blade from 5160 steel billet or an object of your choice(within reason). Learn effective forging techniques, hand and power hammer, grinders, and how to make a handle. Go home with your own blade.

Class 3: Damascus

Polished Damascus

Once you know your way around a forge, come on out and spend a day learning how to make Damascus steel. Learn to stack weld, clean and forge a damascus billet and the techniques for getting the patterning envied by blade collectors everywhere.

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